Where we Work.

…ensuring women in the mining sector are adequately protected

Where we work

WIMIN works in collaboration with various global organizations as well as with Nigerian governmental bodies at the Federal, State and Local levels in order to meet the industrial, educative and financial requirements of the organization.

The World Bank, the Ministry of Solid Minerals and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs are great examples of organizations with active working relationships with WIMIN.

WIMIN also collaborates with other WIMIN in mining chapters worldwide and areactive participants in International Women in Mining activities.

Our Misssion

WIMIN Mission is to be a dependable and trusted ally of women in the industry by contributing to their growth, competence and optimum development through initiatives that promotes gender mainstreaming. It is the Mission of WIMIN through cooperation with other successful international chapters ensure that Nigeria local chapter evolve into a strong mining destination

Our Vision

To organise that WIMIN becomes a formidable organisation, with the necessary knowledge needed to operate in the industry.

To remove the historical biased concept on women as it pertains to mining related activities, and ensure that women who are interested find fulfilment in their jobs.

That more women are attracted to invest in the mining sector. (Value chain development)