About. WIMIN.

…ensuring women in the mining sector are adequately protected


Women in Mining in Nigeria (WIMIN) is a non-profit organisation established to protect the rights of all groups of women affected by mining operations. Our membership is comprised of passionate men and women who actively support the minerals and mining industry and represent a variety of occupational trades and professions with diverse background such as engineers, geologists, mineworkers, investors, lobbyist, educators, fulltime housewives, concerned citizens, environmentalists, civil leaders, and community leaders, Such varied background is extremely beneficial to our organization and members are encouraged to share their experiences both formally and informally. Mining is historically believed to be the preserved job for men while women are left to feel the impacts emotionally as wives, in the environment when their land is destroyed and rendered useless for agriculture, for safe drinking water, for recreation for fear of their children been killed since they can fall into mined pits, for not being engaged despite the professional qualification etc.

WIMIN’s objective is in line with the global objectives of other Women in Mining Chapters which is to ensure that gender mainstreaming in the mining sector in Nigeria is attained since it is traditionally viewed as an exclusive profession for men. We promote mining operations in accordance to environmental guidelines for sustainable mining. We work to promote and progress the employment, retention and professional development of women through advocacy while demonstrating the value of women who are often left out in all negotiations relating to mining. Women in ASM are encouraged to engage in agricultural activities since agriculture is seasonal
The organization has on its board reputable Nigerians representing the various strata of society. In addition to providing valuable education benefits, WIMIN offers members the opportunity to become acquainted and work with others involved in the mining industry both locally and internationally to acquire new personal and professional contacts. WIMIN has a long list of network within the mining industry and also affiliated with the Miners Association of Nigeria for effective synergy.

We support grassroots initiatives in the realm of personal and professional development, while providing a national voice within the global minerals and mining community.

Our Misssion

WIMIN Mission is to be a dependable and trusted ally of women in the industry by contributing to their growth, competence and optimum development through initiatives that promotes gender mainstreaming. It is the Mission of WIMIN through cooperation with other successful international chapters ensure that Nigeria local chapter evolve into a strong mining destination

Our Vision

To organise that WIMIN becomes a formidable organisation, with the necessary knowledge needed to operate in the industry.

To remove the historical biased concept on women as it pertains to mining related activities, and ensure that women who are interested find fulfilment in their jobs.

That more women are attracted to invest in the mining sector. (Value chain development)

Our Awesome Team